Are you a hard core free-market fan? Test your boundaries

16 Nov

Would you allow fuel stations to increase their prices in case of Sandy-style disruptions? Should people be allowed to sell a kidney? Answer our short questionnaire to test yourself.

Last week we wrote about the gasoline disruption in New York leading to rationing, a very inefficient way of dealing with the situation. Raising prices would be favored by many economists, but it would be seen by many others as unfair gauging. Economists also have limits about when and where market allocation of goods is acceptable – but it is typically elsewhere than for the average person. Questions of fairness versus markets come up in many situations, from energy to school tuition fees and organ donations. Everyone has to decide for themselves what they find acceptable (even we are divided regarding some of the below questions)

We invite you to test your taste of fairness versus market allocation, too, by answering the following short questions anonymously:

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