Market update: European growth figures surprise to the topside, Romanian economy advances 8.8%

15 Nov

by Mihály Tatár


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  • After a set of weak Chinese data and some further signs that the Republicans are still divided about the tax reform, markets spiralled into full profit-taking mode (SPX -0.23%, DAX -0.31%, MIB -0.61%, Nikkei -1.32%, Shanghai -0.51%, US 10Y yield 2.36%), with commodities dropping the hardest (Nickel -6%, Copper -2%, WTI 55, Brent 61.40, the latter also on the market talk that Russia is ’hesitating’ to extend production cuts). Personally I don’t think much of the latest news, and to put stock movements into perspective, the S&P is a mere 0.70% from its record high. (A drop after passing the tax reform bill, especially if it is a watered down tax reform, would concern me more.)  Amid the pessimism,  European growth numbers came out even better than expected – Germany’s powerful 2.3% Y/Y print has sent the EURUSD to 1.18 -, and looking at the country performances, nobody can complain (Italy 1.8%, Spain 1.6%, Portugal 2.5%, Romania 8.8%, Czech Republic 5.0%, Poland 4.7%, Hungary 3.6%. Okey, the Italian and Hungarian number feels a bit weak in this series.) Speaking of Hungary, the MNB easing policy just reached a new milestone, with the Hungarian 10Y yield dropping to 2.26% (meaning, it is lower now than that of the US), with the average 1Y Forint interbank deposit rate falling to -0.20% and the ON Bubor cruising at -3 basis points. (No wonder Hungarian banks do so well at lending these days.)


  • Goldman Sachs notes that in contrast to the media sentiment, while self- driving cars is a much tougher challenge than journalist think (as mentioned here before, automatization has limits when meeting a social process called city driving), the automatization of – mostly highway – trucking is much simpler and the consequences will be felt in the coming years (heavy job losses for drivers, lower insurance premiums and transportation costs with even tighter delivery deadlines).


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Dear Readers, the next Market update will be published on the 20th of November.


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