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Prepare for the global gas tsunami

23 Sep

Global gas markets will be transformed in the next years, and this will affect Europe as well. This transformation will start on the liquefied natural gas (LNG) market and this post focuses on how the market has functioned so far and what events might turn it upside down. […]

Russian gas and European politics: I want to break free…

24 Mar

And this time I know it’s for real. Or is it for real? Significantly reducing European gas imports from Russia is possible. But the EU should give up the notion that gas in its domestic market will be much cheaper than it is now […]

Is there a connection between Putin’s facelift and the invasion of Crimea?

18 Mar

Using plastic surgery and botox among the world’s most feared leaders: fashion or rational choice?

  The trendsetter in Moscow: Vladimir Vladimirovich (61)

Putin’s testosterone is bad for democracy – we wrote in a post on Ukraine a few weeks ago. That testosterone level has kept us thinking. […]