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Putin’s testosterone is bad for democracy

7 Mar

Yanukovich’s overthrow is a warning to Putin as well: something similar may yet happen in Russia. In a post published last year we examined which countries may become more democratic in the mid-term. Ukraine was among them… and so was Russia. […]

Ukraine: The price of addiction

18 Feb

“The only free cheese is in the mousetrap.” Who profits from politicizing gas prices in Ukraine? How much is a country’s sovereignty worth?

Guest post by András György Deák, Associate Fellow at the Hungarian Institute of International Affairs. […]

Readers’ wild predictions: the Pope beat Dennis Rodman

23 Jan

Pope Francis wearing a safety helmet

Our wild predictions for 2014 achieved their goal: we received lots of even wilder ideas for next year than our own. Which is a real feat, considering the compliment we got from one of our readers: “Writing this much bullshit is almost like an art”;) […]

Hungary does not need new nuclear blocks

17 Jan

Hungary plans to build two new nuclear blocks in Paks. Russian Rosatom just got the deal without a tender. It will cost around 12.5 billion euros. The first block could be operational already by 2023. At least according to the intergovernmental agreement. Will it be built or not? Will it be a failure or a success? A brief analysis. […]

Swimming naked, oil markets edition

9 Dec

Big oil companies are trying hard to put their trunks back on before the tide goes out. They might even try to take the trunks off of some others, just not to get caught naked. No time to create an oil major. […]

IEA’s oil story in a single chart

22 Nov

It’s the shale (aka. tight) oil, stupid. Despite all reports to the contrary, the unconventional oil boom implies rising output outside of OPEC, and OPEC will produce much less than previously expected. […]

How to lower your electricity bill: Are Hungarians (and the British) easier to fool?

12 Nov

A gadget which is supposed to decrease your electricity bills by 75%. Bullshit. Still, a recent EU-wide scam raises some interesting comparisons: where do they charge more for the same ‘product’?


The oil price shocker – interactive edition

13 Sep

How high would oil prices climb if there was a fallout in Syria’s or Egypt’s production? Or if the crisis escalated and Iran, for example, stopped producing? Or if it blocked the Strait of Hormuz? In our interactive chart you can play around with your assumed oil supply shocks, too.


Hyperloop. Or just hyperhype?

13 Aug


Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur behind PayPal and Tesla, recently unveiled his plans for a new, superfast transport system, which generated a lot of hype in the media. But the plans are still somewhat vague. We show how passengers could look like while covering the distance between Budapest and Prague in a mere 30 minutes.


What comes after oil? Mostly oil.

9 Aug

Or: the adventures of oil markets as pictured on past covers of The Economist.