Oil prices: The darkest hour before dawn?

28 Sep

Market players are losing patience with expecting a recovery of oil prices. But an increase from current levels is still likely in a few years, maybe as soon as 2016. Read more »

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Prepare for the global gas tsunami

23 Sep

Global gas markets will be transformed in the next years, and this will affect Europe as well. This transformation will start on the liquefied natural gas (LNG) market and this post focuses on how the market has functioned so far and what events might turn it upside down. Read more »

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A new angle on the migrant crisis: Is it time for the EU to fund a new Hong Kong?

11 Sep

If over 10 million migrants started off to Europe we would probably need new and bold solutions. This is one such idea. Read more »

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This is actually a better future than we were promised

30 Jul

On future’s mysterious ways… Read more »

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Options after the Greek vote: choosing the finger to bite

6 Jul

Greek voters may have though that they were voting on an immediate ending of the austerity. But that never was on offer, and difficult choices are just beginning with the vote. Read more »

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The solar revolution

13 Apr

In a couple of years, it is going to be cheaper to build solar panels in Hungary than nuclear reactors. And the best part is that it will not need any state subsidy. Read more »

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Apple car!?

5 Mar

What about making a phone battery first that lasts more than half a day? Read more »

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The oil story on The Economist covers in a single chart

21 Jan

Oil is on the cover of The Economist again. This is how oil price history looks like, showing Economist covers featuring oil, as the story unfolds. Their record is mixed, but actually improving. Read more »

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2015 – the world becomes a better place

31 Dec

We close the year with our usual “wild predictions”. These should not be taken literally, they are more like extreme scenarios (partly tongue-in-cheek) that are unlikely to actually occur, but would have a large impact and they highlight some real-life trends. Black swans, in other words.

Read more »

Russia: crisis may make it a better place – eventually

19 Dec

But the immediate adjustment will be painful… Read more »