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LNG-trip through the Arctic, or the effect of climate change on the energy industry

26 Nov


For the first time in history, Gazprom is transporting liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Japan via the Arctic, and even endeavored to make the trip in November. This route is three weeks shorter than the currently used roundabout to the south, and there are no fees to be paid at the Suez Canal. All this has been made possible by climate change, more specifically the melting and thinning of the Arctic ice layer.


The new World Energy Bible

12 Nov


Prepare for US energy independence and an overshooting climate change


When superstorms break markets too

10 Nov


Fuel rationing is coming to New York – it depends on your number plate when you can buy gasoline. This is not an efficient way to solve the lack of fuel, but no one dares to raise prices.


Let’s have Prohibition?

10 Sep


The worse drought in the US in 50 years and sky-rocketing corn and food prices have called attention to the irrationality of biofuels again. But the truth is that ethanol and biodiesel have always been prohibitively expensive even without a drought, and not a good way to reduce CO2 emissions. Now would be (politically) the best time to stop forcing people to use them.


The only thing in politics that could really slow climate change

24 Jul


No, it is not the EU emission trading system, or more of costly wind farm subsidies in troubled Europe. It is not a strict global climate deal, which has a close to zero chance. It is Chinese public anger and protests –not against CO2 emissions, but against local pollution, later on potentially against the whole political system.


Climate change – our baseline position

23 Apr

It is good to clear up some things at the beginning, and people working for gas/oil/energy companies especially should come clean about their views regarding climate change. We think global warming is real, and uncertainty strengthens the case for action, not weaken it.