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Magic energy circles

17 May


In what does Europe beat the world, and what does America excel in? We were also inspired by the world map that went viral on the net last week: more people living inside of a circle than outside of it… We made a couple versions for the energy industry too.


South Stream: Will the pipeline backfire?

18 Apr


Bluff, empire-building or no better project?


What happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas

5 Apr

unempl EU USA.jpg

The Eurozone will need a better functioning labor market to keep the monetary union


CO2-trade in the EU: The Zombie

20 Feb


Showing typical zombie signs: far from well and alive, but not quite dead, and acting in an unpredictable way.


The incredible shrinking Nabucco

6 Feb


A pipeline project is made of steel and political stability along its route. Both of these things got scarcer and more expensive in the past 10 years, while the alternatives became more abundant. Nabucco seemed to be a good idea 10 years ago. But then the world changed.


Italy proposes a carbon tax – go, Monti, go

4 Dec


Introducing carbon taxes instead of the currently struggling European cap-and-trade (ETS) system would be a good idea. Let’s hope the Italians mean it, and that this enthusiasm will survive the upcoming elections.


Hungarian budget deficit: against the tide

9 Nov


Although the European Commission has turned off the slapping machine (using sanctions against Hungary in its excess deficit procedure), it is not taking it out of the room, to let Hungary know where it stands.


Gazprom investigated by EU anti-trust – high time!

5 Sep

Finally the EU has woken up to something that has long been obvious. Another sign that the (market) power of Gazprom is waning.  […]