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Chart orgy about energy trends

12 Jul


A bit more than 4 barrels of oil. Or about 700 liters. That is how much oil the average person uses each year globally. And it has been the same for the past 30 years.


Will the cheap US gas be exported?

19 Jun


The US chemical industry would rather export the natural gas in the form of plastics, the greens would not export it at all, and the foreign policy lobby regards gas exports as a tactical weapon against the Russians. The jury on exports is still out, literally.


Natural gas light – without the CO2?

14 Jun


This is not as crazy as it sounds. Actually the technology already does exist.


Energy costs are a headache for the EU too

30 May


The EU is getting worried about the high energy prices paid by European companies. Well, maybe they should have thought of that earlier.


The end of ever increasing oil prices

30 Apr

oil prices.jpg

We could well see oil prices spike to new records. But the average price in the next decade is likely to be lower than in recent years.


South Stream: Will the pipeline backfire?

18 Apr


Bluff, empire-building or no better project?


All loud on the Eastern front

9 Apr

Bulgaria: Putin Reappoints Miller as Gazprom CEO for 5 More Years

Gazprom faces money troubles – it simply has too much.


New US energy blueprint: gas and oil gusher

19 Mar


‘The United States is on the path to a cleaner and more secure energy future’. But the President does not have much to do with that.


Fire ice – “Dallas” turns into reality?

14 Mar


Did Bobby Ewing’s son hit the nail on the head? Natural gas could become even more abundant and cheap.


The incredible shrinking Nabucco

6 Feb


A pipeline project is made of steel and political stability along its route. Both of these things got scarcer and more expensive in the past 10 years, while the alternatives became more abundant. Nabucco seemed to be a good idea 10 years ago. But then the world changed.