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Weekend reads: Conspiracy theories and political parties (May 23)

23 May


Weekend reads: algorithms in company boards and job hunting (May 16)

16 May



Lifting the ban on US oil exports: the brouhaha begins

12 Mar

There is a lot of money on the table. Oil producers want to lift the oil export ban, refineries do not, so prepare for a long debate. […]

Will the cheap US gas be exported?

19 Jun


The US chemical industry would rather export the natural gas in the form of plastics, the greens would not export it at all, and the foreign policy lobby regards gas exports as a tactical weapon against the Russians. The jury on exports is still out, literally.


Black Swan beauty contest for 2013

18 Dec


Steak for breakfast, Euro referendum in Germany, China turning green or hostile, the Next Big Thing after Google, Hungary finally finding its windfall. 


Just divorced: Sudan, South Sudan and oil

5 Oct


The national anthem of South Sudan (chosen in a televised competition in 2010) calls upon the “land of great abundance to uphold us united in peace and harmony”. Let’s be polite and say that this is more of an aspiration than reflecting current realities.


Oil and oligarchs

22 Aug


Dominant position on the most dynamic motor fuel market of Europe, efficient operations and of course the political background provided by the Koc family – these are the ingredients of the success of Tüpras, a Turkish refiner. 


How to make a fortune in East Africa?

18 Jul


Buy ambitious experts from majors, distressed assets from small companies and have lots of luck. This was the recipe of COVE Energy, a junior that started exploring oil and gas only three years ago. It increased its market capitalization over 700-fold and recently was a subject of a bidding war. The major prize is its 8.5% stake in an offshore Mozambique prospect, which is likely to hold gas equivalent to two to four times the European Union’s annual gas consumption.


US emissions in free-fall – Shale gas, yet again

11 Jul


Unconventional gas impacts, emissions edition, in a single shocking graph. US energy related CO2-emissions are back to 1990 levels in 2012, thanks mainly to (unconventional) gas substituting for coal.

Hurray we are falling?!

29 Jun


Oil prices are down 30% from recent highs (and could fall further). Those who say it’s time to celebrate simply miss the point: the cause has been slowing demand, in turn a result of a global macroeconomic slowdown. What they also miss is that at current prices, the world still pays twice as much on oil than in the decades before the crisis. That is largely due to a slow-motion supply shock, which does not seem to go away.  […]