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Is there a connection between Putin’s facelift and the invasion of Crimea?

18 Mar

Using plastic surgery and botox among the world’s most feared leaders: fashion or rational choice?

  The trendsetter in Moscow: Vladimir Vladimirovich (61)

Putin’s testosterone is bad for democracy – we wrote in a post on Ukraine a few weeks ago. That testosterone level has kept us thinking. […]

The political venture capitalists of Ukraine

28 Feb

Imagine that you are a political entrepreneur in a poor country with a population that is internally divided and has a high discount rate (is very short-sighted). What is your optimal strategy? We deliberately did not say “politician”, because that may give the wrong idea. Serving the country and all that shit. We are not talking about Nelson Mandelas here. Think rather “Prince” – not the artist formerly called, but as in Machiavelli. Or think of Ukraine. […]

Why Russians may soon travel visa-free to the USA

12 Feb

In today’s world, anyone can easily go online and get a US, Australia or New Zealand ETA without having ever to leave the comfort of their home. But what if there was a way to travel visa-free? What would then determine whether you can travel visa-free to rich countries? It seems it is mainly economics.


Readers’ wild predictions: the Pope beat Dennis Rodman

23 Jan

Pope Francis wearing a safety helmet

Our wild predictions for 2014 achieved their goal: we received lots of even wilder ideas for next year than our own. Which is a real feat, considering the compliment we got from one of our readers: “Writing this much bullshit is almost like an art”;) […]

8 wild predictions for 2014

20 Dec

Starring: the Pope, Dennis Rodman, Kim Jong Un, the billionaire guru of Tesla and a lone Japanese terrorist. We also take a look back at how the predictions we made a year ago have fared.


How to lower your electricity bill: Are Hungarians (and the British) easier to fool?

12 Nov

A gadget which is supposed to decrease your electricity bills by 75%. Fake news. Still, a recent EU-wide scam raises some interesting comparisons: where do they charge more for the same ‘product’?


What’s in a name? Special upstream edition

30 Oct

What do dead cows, Native American warriors and Snow White have in common? At first glance, not much. Yet these are just some of the many random names given to oil and gas fields.


First amphora wine in Hungary?

2 Aug


Good wine doesn’t necessarily take… a barrel. At least not always. Rolling Barrel exclusive summer edition. Because we said right from the start that we wouldn’t only write about energy…


Save the planet, don’t eat French fries

18 Jul


What emits more CO2 – 1 kg of French fries, or 1 kg of gasoline? And what does all this have to do with the EU? Find out in our post below.


Where do the world’s super-rich live?

9 May


Mainly in large metropolises, and primarily in the US. But their numbers are growing in China too.