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Too much testosterone does not bode well for democracy

6 Mar

Growth dates.png

How does the number of children affect revolutions and economic growth? Of demography, democracy and depression.


Just divorced: Sudan, South Sudan and oil

5 Oct


The national anthem of South Sudan (chosen in a televised competition in 2010) calls upon the “land of great abundance to uphold us united in peace and harmony”. Let’s be polite and say that this is more of an aspiration than reflecting current realities.


How to make a fortune in East Africa?

18 Jul


Buy ambitious experts from majors, distressed assets from small companies and have lots of luck. This was the recipe of COVE Energy, a junior that started exploring oil and gas only three years ago. It increased its market capitalization over 700-fold and recently was a subject of a bidding war. The major prize is its 8.5% stake in an offshore Mozambique prospect, which is likely to hold gas equivalent to two to four times the European Union’s annual gas consumption.