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Does the IEA’s new World Energy Outlook miss the global transition?

26 Nov

The energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables will likely be faster than the International Energy Agency predicts in its recent World Energy Outlook. We are at a point when renewables are getting cheaper than fossil fuels in many areas, and that means a whole different game. […]

Oil prices: The darkest hour before dawn?

28 Sep

Market players are losing patience with expecting a recovery of oil prices. But an increase from current levels is still likely in a few years, maybe as soon as 2016. […]

Prepare for the global gas tsunami

23 Sep

Global gas markets will be transformed in the next years, and this will affect Europe as well. This transformation will start on the liquefied natural gas (LNG) market and this post focuses on how the market has functioned so far and what events might turn it upside down. […]

Why Russians may soon travel visa-free to the USA

12 Feb

In today’s world, anyone can easily go online and get a US, Australia or New Zealand ETA without having ever to leave the comfort of their home. But what if there was a way to travel visa-free? What would then determine whether you can travel visa-free to rich countries? It seems it is mainly economics.


Will China become a democracy in a decade?

7 Jan

China is entering a crucial period: in 2014, its per capita GDP will surpass $10,000. Historic episodes show that autocracies reaching this income level became much more democratic over the next decade.     […]

Has the time come for a recession in China?

28 Jun


Many people think that a slowdown to say 4% growth in China would be unimaginable. But how about minus 4%?  


Magic energy circles

17 May


In what does Europe beat the world, and what does America excel in? We were also inspired by the world map that went viral on the net last week: more people living inside of a circle than outside of it… We made a couple versions for the energy industry too.


Too much testosterone does not bode well for democracy

6 Mar

Growth dates.png

How does the number of children affect revolutions and economic growth? Of demography, democracy and depression.


Super-smog in China and other good news

22 Jan


If you worry about climate change and the environment, as we do, there have been two pieces of good news recently. One of them is the widely publicized super-smog in Chinese cities. The other one is less well known, but could be even more important: a study showing that black carbon (AKA soot) may be almost as important for climate change as CO2.


The only thing in politics that could really slow climate change

24 Jul


No, it is not the EU emission trading system, or more of costly wind farm subsidies in troubled Europe. It is not a strict global climate deal, which has a close to zero chance. It is Chinese public anger and protests –not against CO2 emissions, but against local pollution, later on potentially against the whole political system.