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Obama’s bold climate plan – sensing a change in the public mood?

13 Jun

We’re still far from stopping climate change altogether. But at least something is finally being done. President Obama wants to circumvent Congress to cut power plant emissions. […]

Trendspotting – the next 20 years of global energy

27 Aug

The world is either going to be constrained by the high price of energy, cook itself or it will use a lot of gas, barring a revolution in renewables.


Save the planet, don’t eat French fries

18 Jul


What emits more CO2 – 1 kg of French fries, or 1 kg of gasoline? And what does all this have to do with the EU? Find out in our post below.


Chart orgy about energy trends

12 Jul


A bit more than 4 barrels of oil. Or about 700 liters. That is how much oil the average person uses each year globally. And it has been the same for the past 30 years.


Natural gas light – without the CO2?

14 Jun


This is not as crazy as it sounds. Actually the technology already does exist.


Climate change for skeptics

6 Jun


There’s only a 1% chance your plane will crash. Enjoy your flight!


Hitting the carbon limit soon?

8 May


There is not a long time left to come up with a technological breakthrough to get rid of CO2 emissions. The other option is crocodiles in Scandinavia if we remain on current emission trends.


How car manufacturers cheat on reported mileage

27 Mar


Dont’t try it at home. You will still not even get close to the official mileages. […]

New US energy blueprint: gas and oil gusher

19 Mar


‘The United States is on the path to a cleaner and more secure energy future’. But the President does not have much to do with that.


Fire ice – “Dallas” turns into reality?

14 Mar


Did Bobby Ewing’s son hit the nail on the head? Natural gas could become even more abundant and cheap.