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Oil: Not yesterday’s fuel – just yet?

10 May

  • The new hype is again to say the end of the oil age is near
  • In the long run, this will happen…
  • …but before that some good years for oil are likely
  • Just as high prices reduced the likely future demand for oil, low prices will probably prolong its use


The Volkswagen-scandal and its effect on diesel markets

2 Nov

Global dieselization will not end because of the scandal, but probably less people will buy diesel cars in Europe. The following post is our early take on the potential results, focusing on the economic and energy market effects. […]

Apple car!?

5 Mar

What about making a phone battery first that lasts more than half a day? […]

A tale of two technologies: self-driving and electric cars

15 Feb


There will be more driverless cars sold in 2020 than pure battery electric cars…


Don’t buy the Opel Ampera

5 Jun


The Opel Ampera plug-in hybrid is coming. There is no good reason to buy it, even if you are a devoted Green. Buy a traditional car – and one for your neighbor too. Or insulate someone’s house.