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Has the time come for a recession in China?

28 Jun


Many people think that a slowdown to say 4% growth in China would be unimaginable. But how about minus 4%?  


From BC to AD – a new financial era?

29 Mar


From Before Cyprus to After Dijsselbloem? The Eurogroup leader whose name starts with a D showed how to become a swearword from obscurity in a single day. But was he actually onto something important? A modest proposal.


Return to the Gold Standard?

24 Aug

So here we are: the Gold Standard was discredited in the 1930s and the paper money regime by the recent economic crisis (and also the inflationary periods in many countries), so the world is looking for new (or old) solutions.  Hence the renewed interest in the Gold Standard. Of course it does not have to be gold, in theory anything with a roughly fixed supply would do, Saudi Arabia may even use oil as a basis of its currency for example.

Eurozone crisis, Season 3, episode 4

12 Jun

“Banking union” is a backdoor to fiscal union. That is why it will not come any time soon. The Eurozone crisis is potentially worse than the Great Depression for peripheral countries (including Spain and Italy). Policymakers still underestimate the risks, to put it mildly.