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Does the IEA’s new World Energy Outlook miss the global transition?

26 Nov

The energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables will likely be faster than the International Energy Agency predicts in its recent World Energy Outlook. We are at a point when renewables are getting cheaper than fossil fuels in many areas, and that means a whole different game. […]

Asian domination and cheap US energy forever

4 Dec

The IEA’s World Energy Outlook in 6 charts. […]

IEA’s oil story in a single chart

22 Nov

It’s the shale (aka. tight) oil, stupid. Despite all reports to the contrary, the unconventional oil boom implies rising output outside of OPEC, and OPEC will produce much less than previously expected. […]

The new World Energy Bible

12 Nov


Prepare for US energy independence and an overshooting climate change


Can the US stop worrying about oil security?

10 May


At least the International Energy Agency has been saying:  “U.S. international oil security attention may not be as strong as today because U.S. will import much less oil than today”. Do we really have to start worrying then?