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Oil prices: The darkest hour before dawn?

28 Sep

Market players are losing patience with expecting a recovery of oil prices. But an increase from current levels is still likely in a few years, maybe as soon as 2016. […]

The consequences of a Persian Spring

7 Nov

It is a Saturday night in 2023. Despite the inconvenient hour, the Tel Aviv-Shiraz EasyJet flight is full of expectant Israeli and American backpackers, Iranian traders and the odd oilworker expat family based in Iran returning from a long weekend of sightseeing…


The Great End-Game with Iran: Historical reflexes versus fundamentals

2 Oct

If a Martian landed on Earth, it would be greatly surprised that the US is an ally of Saudi Arabia and an enemy of Iran. History is the explanation, but fundamentals have a tendency to reassert themselves in the long run…


The oil price shocker – interactive edition

13 Sep

How high would oil prices climb if there was a fallout in Syria’s or Egypt’s production? Or if the crisis escalated and Iran, for example, stopped producing? Or if it blocked the Strait of Hormuz? In our interactive chart you can play around with your assumed oil supply shocks, too.


Happy Nationalization Day!

20 Mar

Iran military parade.jpg

Today is Oil Nationalization Day, a public holiday. In Iran. Every country has some strange holidays – Egyptians, for example, celebrate National Police Day.  […]

Iran: Saber-rattling and strait-talking

11 Dec

Iran graph EN.png

You may end up doing strange things when you feel cornered. Iran, for example, is even allegedly considering creating a huge oil spill, which would block the Strait of Hormuz and force the West to temporarily suspend sanctions during the clean-up. Let’s hope things don’t go so far: below we summarize possible scenarios for Iran.  […]