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The solar revolution

13 Apr

In a couple of years, it is going to be cheaper to build solar panels in Hungary than nuclear reactors. And the best part is that it will not need any state subsidy. […]

Hungary does not need new nuclear blocks

17 Jan

Hungary plans to build two new nuclear blocks in Paks. Russian Rosatom just got the deal without a tender. It will cost around 12.5 billion euros. The first block could be operational already by 2023. At least according to the intergovernmental agreement. Will it be built or not? Will it be a failure or a success? A brief analysis. […]

New nuke in Hungary or joining euro – Which will come first?

26 Oct


The tender for one or two new nuclear blocks at the Paks site will be announced by early next year at the latest – at least according to the most recent news. This is a bit like calling a design competition for the Hungarian euro coins. But it costs much, much more. There are several reasons against a rushed nuke expansion: nuclear energy is expensive, and it seems that not only money, but electricity demand and project management skills are also lacking in Hungary. The exact terms of the tender remain unclear, as is the issue of who would apply given these conditions.