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Oil: Not yesterday’s fuel – just yet?

10 May

  • The new hype is again to say the end of the oil age is near
  • In the long run, this will happen…
  • …but before that some good years for oil are likely
  • Just as high prices reduced the likely future demand for oil, low prices will probably prolong its use


Oil prices: The darkest hour before dawn?

28 Sep

Market players are losing patience with expecting a recovery of oil prices. But an increase from current levels is still likely in a few years, maybe as soon as 2016. […]

The oil story on The Economist covers in a single chart

21 Jan

Oil is on the cover of The Economist again. This is how oil price history looks like, showing Economist covers featuring oil, as the story unfolds. Their record is mixed, but actually improving. […]

Putin’s energy empire has just hit the wall

1 Dec

When a sugar-daddy goes sour… […]

Falling barrels: Why oil prices are down 25%

20 Oct

Who will suffer and who will gain? Barrelperday blog is about to answer a lot of your burning questions below. […]

Three reasons why oil prices are falling

13 Aug

Or rather two: supply and demand. This is why oil prices are coming down, despite all the turbulence in the Middle East and the Ukraine-Russia conflict. […]

Swimming naked, oil markets edition

9 Dec

Big oil companies are trying hard to put their trunks back on before the tide goes out. They might even try to take the trunks off of some others, just not to get caught naked. No time to create an oil major. […]

The oil price shocker – interactive edition

13 Sep

How high would oil prices climb if there was a fallout in Syria’s or Egypt’s production? Or if the crisis escalated and Iran, for example, stopped producing? Or if it blocked the Strait of Hormuz? In our interactive chart you can play around with your assumed oil supply shocks, too.


What comes after oil? Mostly oil.

9 Aug

Or: the adventures of oil markets as pictured on past covers of The Economist.