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Readers’ wild predictions: the Pope beat Dennis Rodman

23 Jan

Pope Francis wearing a safety helmet

Our wild predictions for 2014 achieved their goal: we received lots of even wilder ideas for next year than our own. Which is a real feat, considering the compliment we got from one of our readers: “Writing this much bullshit is almost like an art”;) […]

8 wild predictions for 2014

20 Dec

Starring: the Pope, Dennis Rodman, Kim Jong Un, the billionaire guru of Tesla and a lone Japanese terrorist. We also take a look back at how the predictions we made a year ago have fared.


Black swan beauties – the readers respond

8 Jan


Start quote. MOL is nationalized, the Századvég Foundation takes over the economic analysis unit. Brutal lay-offs follow. Blog fans go into mourning. Following their initial shock, the editors of Rolling Barrel continue to produce high-quality publications in English; thanks to their famous “Persian Spring” prediction, they are catapulted among celebrity economists, far surpassing the faded reputation of Roubini and his team. End quote.

One of our readers sent this prediction for our “Black Swan beauty contest”. Being personally concerned, we decline to comment.


Black Swan beauty contest for 2013

18 Dec


Steak for breakfast, Euro referendum in Germany, China turning green or hostile, the Next Big Thing after Google, Hungary finally finding its windfall. 



28 Nov


Or: Prostitution and university tuition fees – these are the two that most of our readers fully support. A few weeks ago, we asked them to test their market boundaries and free market attitudes in a quiz on the blog. Almost 250 people responded; below, we present their views on each issue.


Are you a hard core free-market fan? Test your boundaries

16 Nov

Would you allow fuel stations to increase their prices in case of Sandy-style disruptions? Should people be allowed to sell a kidney? Answer our short questionnaire to test yourself.