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Oil prices: The darkest hour before dawn?

28 Sep

Market players are losing patience with expecting a recovery of oil prices. But an increase from current levels is still likely in a few years, maybe as soon as 2016. […]

Falling barrels: Why oil prices are down 25%

20 Oct

Who will suffer and who will gain? Barrelperday blog is about to answer a lot of your burning questions below. […]

Borders they are a-changin’

1 Jul

It’s the season to redraw maps. […]

The Great End-Game with Iran: Historical reflexes versus fundamentals

2 Oct

If a Martian landed on Earth, it would be greatly surprised that the US is an ally of Saudi Arabia and an enemy of Iran. History is the explanation, but fundamentals have a tendency to reassert themselves in the long run…


The end of ever increasing oil prices

30 Apr

oil prices.jpg

We could well see oil prices spike to new records. But the average price in the next decade is likely to be lower than in recent years.


The demise of the Central Banker for oil…

11 Apr

AR-Saudi driver.jpg

…which would also bring down OPEC