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Oil: Not yesterday’s fuel – just yet?

10 May

  • The new hype is again to say the end of the oil age is near
  • In the long run, this will happen…
  • …but before that some good years for oil are likely
  • Just as high prices reduced the likely future demand for oil, low prices will probably prolong its use


Unsexy but disruptive: The effects of Google’s self-driving car

4 Sep

What’s such a big deal about a self-driving car, when you even have to give up control of the vehicle? Exactly that. You might not need to own a car at all, and still get everywhere like you had a chauffeur. And it may even change how much your house is worth, for example.


A tale of two technologies: self-driving and electric cars

15 Feb


There will be more driverless cars sold in 2020 than pure battery electric cars…