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This is actually a better future than we were promised

30 Jul

On future’s mysterious ways… […]

Apple car!?

5 Mar

What about making a phone battery first that lasts more than half a day? […]

Unsexy but disruptive: The effects of Google’s self-driving car

4 Sep

What’s such a big deal about a self-driving car, when you even have to give up control of the vehicle? Exactly that. You might not need to own a car at all, and still get everywhere like you had a chauffeur. And it may even change how much your house is worth, for example.


Hyperloop. Or just hyperhype?

13 Aug


Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur behind PayPal and Tesla, recently unveiled his plans for a new, superfast transport system, which generated a lot of hype in the media. But the plans are still somewhat vague. We show how passengers could look like while covering the distance between Budapest and Prague in a mere 30 minutes.


Natural gas light – without the CO2?

14 Jun


This is not as crazy as it sounds. Actually the technology already does exist.


Fire ice – “Dallas” turns into reality?

14 Mar


Did Bobby Ewing’s son hit the nail on the head? Natural gas could become even more abundant and cheap.


A tale of two technologies: self-driving and electric cars

15 Feb


There will be more driverless cars sold in 2020 than pure battery electric cars…