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Prepare for the global gas tsunami

23 Sep

Global gas markets will be transformed in the next years, and this will affect Europe as well. This transformation will start on the liquefied natural gas (LNG) market and this post focuses on how the market has functioned so far and what events might turn it upside down. […]

Employment booms and busts, in a single chart

9 Sep

Employment Booms and busts, in a single chart.



Source: BLS, Eurostat, own calculations

With some surprises:

  • USA and Eurozone overall labor market performances are not that different – so far. You would not have guessed, France is actually looking better on this chart than US as a whole. Italy is also better than what we would have guessed
  • Nevada and Spain both had property booms, but the former dealt with the bust better (see previous blog-post).
  • North Dakota and Texas employment have been boosted by the energy boom recently
  • Portugal missed out on the pre-crisis boom, but still managed to participate in the bust, hinting at some serious structural issues

Obama’s bold climate plan – sensing a change in the public mood?

13 Jun

We’re still far from stopping climate change altogether. But at least something is finally being done. President Obama wants to circumvent Congress to cut power plant emissions. […]

Lifting the ban on US oil exports: the brouhaha begins

12 Mar

There is a lot of money on the table. Oil producers want to lift the oil export ban, refineries do not, so prepare for a long debate. […]

Why Russians may soon travel visa-free to the USA

12 Feb

In today’s world, anyone can easily go online and get a US, Australia or New Zealand ETA without having ever to leave the comfort of their home. But what if there was a way to travel visa-free? What would then determine whether you can travel visa-free to rich countries? It seems it is mainly economics.


IEA’s oil story in a single chart

22 Nov

It’s the shale (aka. tight) oil, stupid. Despite all reports to the contrary, the unconventional oil boom implies rising output outside of OPEC, and OPEC will produce much less than previously expected. […]

Will the cheap US gas be exported?

19 Jun


The US chemical industry would rather export the natural gas in the form of plastics, the greens would not export it at all, and the foreign policy lobby regards gas exports as a tactical weapon against the Russians. The jury on exports is still out, literally.


Magic energy circles

17 May


In what does Europe beat the world, and what does America excel in? We were also inspired by the world map that went viral on the net last week: more people living inside of a circle than outside of it… We made a couple versions for the energy industry too.


What happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas

5 Apr

unempl EU USA.jpg

The Eurozone will need a better functioning labor market to keep the monetary union


New US energy blueprint: gas and oil gusher

19 Mar


‘The United States is on the path to a cleaner and more secure energy future’. But the President does not have much to do with that.